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The 4 Natural Laws of Healing.  By following these 4 natural laws you have the ability to heal anything. 

How to avoid the critical mistake most people (doctors included) make of treating the “symptoms” and not taking the time to understand the root causes of all diseases.

The Gut is your second Brain. How every organ is affected by how the gut functions. 

How to restore your body’s natural immune system to fight off deadly invaders like parasites, inflammation, and toxins. 

Why the typical American diet is  keeping you sick, and how to restore your gut microbiome. 

Why 90% of the American population is are constipated.  

How constipation prevents you from absorbing the essential nutrients your body needs to heal and repair itself. 



Living Waters Wellness Center, Is Idaho’s largest colon hydrotherapy center, is where David DeHaas works as a Naturopathic Health Coach and Colon Hydrotherapist.

He began studying healing techniques over 30 years ago after spending most of his life sick, not sick, then sick again. This motivated him to embark on a worldwide mission  to seek  ways to heal his body naturally.  

He was inspired to write his published story titled  “I should have died by now", How I cheated Death by Healing from Numerous diseases and Illnesses including cancer without Doctors or drugs.  

After discovering the final healing piece to his health puzzle,  and watching his own family have miraculous healing results, He and  his family launched Living Waters Wellness Center in 2009. 

Living Waters Wellness Center is led by his daughter Amanda and Wife Wendy and their team.  



What Our Clients Are Saying About Living Waters Wellness Center

“Right after Thanksgiving 2018, I had had enough. I had been sick and had severe fatigue for ten years. Dark Circles under my eyes. I had done 3 Colonoscopies, 2 MRIs, and One CT Scan, and yet no one had an answer. I had been put on depression pills and many other pills. I had spent a ton of money, and yet just getting through the day was very difficult. A friend suggested I do some colonics. I felt so much better I decided to do the 10 day Wellness Retreat. I now feel like I did when I was 19. My kids and husband have their mother and wife back.”

Meghan Holtclaw - Meridian, Idaho

“I thought I knew a lot about Health and Wellness until I took part in the Wellness Retreat and there is no doubt that everyone can benefit from knowing how to use this information in their Wellness Protocol.”

Stacey Lytle - Kuna, Idaho 

"I had a lot of candida/yeast when I came to Living Waters as well as bloating and some constipation.  I had tried a lot of different diets but that was not the solution.

I am down 13 lbs since I started the cleanse. The inflammation is way down.  I have no more bloating.   A big moment for me was letting go of a lot of old emotional junk.  The beauty of Living Waters Healing Retreat is that everything is all in one place. I would have had to spend years and go to over 13 different practitioners to try to get everything that Living Waters provides.  You have the power to heal but having a coach is so beneficial.  Having a safe place like Living Waters to detox and reboot is so powerful."

Dr. Jeremy Payne, Eagle, Idaho

“My symptoms were shingles which caused my face to be erupted and bells palsy. That cleared up on the 10-day Healing Retreat.   I learned a ton and I have more energy and my thinking is clear and I feel more motivated. I have a new tools for self care.  I lost some weight.  I feel really good.  They take great care of you. You feel so loved up at Living Waters. ”

Rebecca Hetrick - Boise, Idaho

“For over 25 years I have been dealing with numerous health problems. I was desperate to find a solution. My knees hurt, I had plantar fasciitis, and arthritis. I had so many mixed diagnosis. One Doctor said it was my sciatica and I should do yoga, another doctor wanted me to get lidocaine injections.  I had pain all over my body.  I have had migraines since I was 12. I have been with a neurologist for 18 years. They had me on Tramadol, Hydrocodone, Naproxen and  Imitrex.  I feel so blessed that I found Living Waters.  My PAIN IS GONE!

I have never met such giving people in all my life.  These guys are so giving.  I got way more than I expected. ”

Tiffany Clements, Boise Idaho

What a great place to discover the benefits of colonics! I have been dealing with chronic health issues for the past 7 years, and I have always been interested in colonics but hesitant to try it out. Living Waters was a great place to learn as well as a great place to actually get a colonic. I'm definitely more of a private DIY person so an Open System colonic was best for me; I can basically be in the room by myself (with a pager to ask for help if needed) while I get all the toxic stuff moving out of me!

I like to do the colonics before and after I do a liver flush and I feel incredible afterwards. This has been the most progress I have made with a detox so far in 7 years!

Drew Flores, Boise Idaho 

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